2024 NutraIngredients Awards: Spotlight on the Sustainability Initiative of the Year finalists

Sustainability in the industry is crucial for several reasons, the obvious being environmental impact, minimizing ecological footprint and preserving natural resources and biodiversity for future generations.ย 

But more than that, sustainable practices often result in healthier outcomes. For example, sustainable agriculture and practices tend to prioritize nutrient-rich soil, which can lead to more nutritious ingredients.

There is also the question of food security. The industry has a part to play in promoting resilience in food systems and tackling challenges such as climate change, extreme weather events and economic instability. And if that weren’t enough, consumers are increasingly seeking out sustainable options.

Many of the initiatives submitted this year to this award category represented a real commitment to meeting the United Nationsโ€™s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The categoryโ€™s judging panel has selected three finalists who are undertaking novel initiatives in Europe that have the vision to deliver real impact.ย 

Arctic Blue Omegaโ€‹

The sustainability initiative unveiled as the “worldโ€™s first high-dosed omega-3 gummy” crafted with MSC-certified Norwegian cod oil as the primary ingredient is a collaborative effort involving Arctic Blue, a Dutch consumer brand specializing in Omega-3 products; Pharma Marine, a Norwegian producer of MSC-certified cod oil; and Vitux, a Norwegian gummy production technology provider.

The initiative aims to address the pressing sustainability challenges facing the fish oil industry, such as climate change and overfishing, by utilizing trimmings from fish sourced from Arctic waters, thereby eliminating the need for specially caught fish.

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