A combination of oral and vaginal probiotics may hinder recurrent UTIs

Writing in the journalย Clinical Infectious Diseasesโ€‹, a team of Italian and Indian researchers showed that prophylactic supplementation with Lactobacilli strainsย have by-products such as lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide that suppress common uropathogens.

In particular, Lactobacilli strains in the intravaginal probiotic formulation can produce anti-infective agents, the study reported.

โ€œThe probiotic bacteria adhere at high levels to human epithelial cells, displacing vaginal pathogens, exerting a bactericidal effect on some of the common opportunistic microorganisms of the female genital tract,โ€ the researchers wrote.

Additionally, administering probiotic strains can restore the vaginal flora and reduce colonization of uropathogens, reducing the risk of infection.

The probiotic combination is proposed as alternative therapy to antibiotics, currently the primary treatment for recurrent UTIs in an era of widespread multidrug-resistant uropathogens.

Study detailsโ€‹

This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted at a teaching hospital in Chandigarh, India and included 174 premenopausal women aged 18โ€“45 years with a history of three or more uncomplicated UTIs diagnosed within the previous year. The women agreed not to take antibiotics during the study period.

Researchers assigned participants to either an oral probiotic, vaginal probiotic, oral-vaginal probiotic combination or placebo group and tracked UTI symptoms during a one-year follow-up period.

Supplements used in the study included probiotic oral capsules (available as Visbiome and Florimax) and vaginal tablets (available as FloraBalance and Evanew), along with corresponding placebo preparations. Each probiotic oral capsule contained more than 112 billion live, lyophilized, lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacterial. The probiotic vaginal tablet contained one billion colony-forming units of a mix of three lactobacilli strains.

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