A Holistic Approach to Beauty

Changing beauty trends lean into natural, innovative and high-quality products.

Skin, hair and nails are all an integral part of the integumentary system, which comprises the bodyโ€™s outer layer. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the integumentary system has many important functions including physical protection from bacteria, protection from injury, protection from sunlight, regulation of body temperature and synthesis of vitamin D.

The integumentary system plats a role in helping other systems main their function, particularly the immune system as its often the first layer of defense from bacteria and other pathogens.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), some of the most common disorders include acne, atopic dermatitis, skin cancer, hair loss, rosacea and psoriasis.

Skin cancer alone is the most common cancer in the United States with an estimated 9,500 people diagnosed every day, AAD said. Furthermore, acne affects an estimated 50 million Americans, hair loss affects 80 million Americans and psoriasis affects 7.5 million Americans.

Consumers have become more interested in supplements and natural products and how they can support their hair, skin and nail health. Supplement manufacturers have been developing new formulations with innovative ingredients to develop more efficient and higher-quality products.

State of the Market

The market for hair, nail and skin supplements is estimated to reach $6.35 billion by 2028 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.30 percent, according to Carl Germano, CNS, CDN, vice president of Verdant Nature and a consultant for Bluebonnet Nutrition (Sugar Land, TX).

โ€œHowever, sales data trying to capture the growth is getting harder and harder to track because the products consumers are purchasing are often coded (or categorized) outside the typical โ€˜hair, skin and nailโ€™ and collagen categories historically used to access the sales volume of the beauty supplement market,โ€ said Richard Passwater, Jr., medical education director at Belgium-based Biosil/Bio Minerals NV.

Kelly Andrade, new business development manager for Maximum Living (St. Peters, MO) said consumers continue to seek out natural and organic ingredients in their beauty and wellness products.

โ€œOur attraction to vanity and youthfulness continues to grow,โ€ said Liz Smith, RN, president of Natural Path Silver Wings (Nashville, TN). โ€œAlso, more people than ever are proactively doing their own product ingredient research on what they ingest and apply topically.โ€

According to Dr. Asli Samanci, CEO and co-founder of New Jersey-based BEE&YOU, the market for hair, skin and nail supplements has been growing due to increasing consumer awareness of the role of nutrition.

โ€œFactors such as aging populations, rising disposable incomes and a growing emphasis on personal grooming and appearance have contributed to the growth of this market,โ€ Samanci said.

Germano agrees with Samanci, but also added, โ€œchanging beauty trends emphasizing natural and holistic approaches to appearanceโ€ is a major factor.

โ€œWe have seen customers seeking help with hair loss caused by COVID-19, stress and general aging,โ€ said retailer Alina Hornfeldt, co-owner of Mastelโ€™s Health Foods in Saint Paul, MN. โ€œWe also see Millennial shoppers looking to address fine lines and wrinkles preemptively. At this point we are always braced for what the next TikTok trend might bring!โ€

Lori Edwards, vice president of sales and marketing at ShiKai Products (Santa Rosa, CA) said price is a major driving factor for consumers especially in a post-pandemic world. She added consumers are looking for a brand they can trust with clean ingredients and without premium price tags.

Germano attributes the growth to various trends including personalization, natural and organic ingredients, science-backed formulations, gummy and chewable formats, and online sales.

โ€œOverall, the hair, nail and skin supplements market is on an upward trajectory,โ€ Germano said. โ€œIt presents both exciting opportunities and challenges for brands and consumers alike.โ€

Consumer Trends

Passwater provided data showing that 76 percent of women who already take a beauty or general health supplement are also interested in taking another beauty supplement for other conditions including anti-aging, hydration, healthier and shinier hair, building collagen and healthier skin.

โ€œI believe this trend for creating personalized beauty supplement stacks will continue into 2024 and that the supplement industry will respond with more combination products trying to offer customers opportunities to save money purchasing a single product over several separate products,โ€ Passwater said.

Edwards said consumers want clean, fragrance-free products due to increasing worry over health concerns, allergies and skin conditions.

โ€œEducation and pricing are key to differentiating your products on the shelf and consumers do not want to have to sacrifice quality for a lower price point,โ€ Edwards said. โ€œTrends in haircare are focused on ingredients that donโ€™t strip hair of natural oils but increase scalp health without harsh detergents.โ€

Smith noted increasing sales for โ€œall-in-oneโ€ topical skin care products, including products that support damaged skin repair and skin rejuvenation.

Companies are increasingly offering personalized and customized solutions including tailoring supplements to individual needs and considering factors, such as lifestyle, age and specific concerns, according to Andrade.

โ€œHealth and well-being remain paramount, with consumers seeking products and services that enhance physical appearance and mental well-beingโ€ Germano said. โ€œThis includes esthetic nutrition, fitness regimens and mindfulness practices.โ€

Germano added that consumers prioritize products that offer good value and are produced sustainably. Consumers are also willing to pay a premium for ethically sourced and environmentally friendly options.

โ€œConsumers are more conscious of the social and environmental impact of their purchases,โ€ Germano said. โ€œThey support brands with ethical practices and hold them accountable for their actions. This is a major tenet of Bluebonnet Nutrition.โ€

Samanci added that sustainability is driving individuals to actively seek out eco-friendly choices, forcing companies to reconsider their environmental impact.

โ€œSimultaneously, health and wellness have become pivotal influencers with consumers expressing a distinct preference for products that flaunt natural ingredients and tangible health benefits,โ€ Samanci said.

Germano emphasized that consumer behavior is โ€œdynamicโ€ and will vary across different demographics, locations and product categories.

โ€œConsumers seek brands that align with their values and support diverse communities,โ€ he noted. โ€œAuthenticity and inclusivity are key factors influencing brand loyalty.โ€

Popular Supplement Ingredients

With a diverse array of ingredients, manufacturers are developing new formulations to provide more natural products to consumers.

โ€œSome of the products our customers are looking for include rosemary oil, organic cold-pressed castor oil in glass bottles from Inesscents and Pranarom, Biosil and collagen products from Country Life,โ€ Hornfeldt said.

According to Germano, some of the popular supplement ingredients in this category include collagen, probiotics/prebiotics, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, ashwagandha, biotin with keratin, silica, astaxanthin, pea peptides and elderberry. Several of these ingredients are used in either Bluebonnetโ€™s Beautiful Ally line or its Hair, Skin and Nails formula.

Smith added that popular ingredients are aloe vera, tea tree oil, silver ranging between 200-250 ppm, vitamin E, olive oil and oregano oil.

โ€œContinued research and development have led to innovative ingredients such as collaged peptides, B vitamins, key minerals, such as copper, zinc, silica and adaptogens are commonly found in products targeting hair, nail and skin health,โ€ Andrade said.

According to Edwards, ShiKai has seen increased sales over the past year for its ayurvedic ingredient, Shikakai, used in Shikaiโ€™s Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner. This ingredient comes from an Acadia tree grown in the Far East and gently cleans hair without stripping natural oils and is pH balanced for shiny and healthy hair.

โ€œWe have also seen an increase in sales for our Platinum Hair Shampoo in our Color Reflect line of hair care for both natural and color-treated hair,โ€ Edwards said. โ€œThis shampoo has been popular with consumers returning to a natural gray color and works great with Heliogenol (sunflower extract), providing UVA/UVB protection, making color treatments last significantly longer and amplifying natural hair color.โ€

Ingredients that generate or protect collagen are becoming increasingly popular, Passwater noted. He said collagen makes up about 5 to 7 percent of a healthy personโ€™s weight including, but not limited to 75 percent of the dry weight of someoneโ€™s skin.

โ€œThe ideal way of optimally maintaining your collagen-based structures is by supporting new collagen production while simultaneously preventing the damage and loss of existing collagen,โ€ he said.

Passwater added that hormonal changes, particularly a reduction in estrogen, human growth hormone, testosterone and thyroid hormones, can reduce collagen production. As a result, products supporting and/or protecting collagen production are becoming increasingly popular.

โ€œAs an example, Biosilโ€™s choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid is clinically proven to do both,โ€ he said. โ€œIt helps your body make new collagen by supporting the function of critical enzymes while also protecting collagen by neutralizing homocysteine and helping to regulate stress response on cortisol production.โ€

Product Innovations

โ€œThe world of hair, nail and skin supplements is far from stagnant,โ€ Germano said. โ€œWhile biotin and collagen remain popular staples, several exciting changes and innovations are transforming the category.โ€

Germano pointed out that some of these many innovations include DNA test kits, esthetic specific health supplements, gut-friendly formulas, gummy vitamins, plant-based ingredients, organic ingredients and a focus on holistic wellness.

According to Smith, โ€œEven though silver has been used topically for many years, skin gel formulas incorporating 200 parts per million particles of silver mineral with herbal blends are getting much more earned attention.โ€

Smith also said it used to be more difficult to find products that did not contain synthetic formulas loaded with chemicals, dyes, fragrance or preservatives.

โ€œThese synthetics may be compromising our health in the long run,โ€ Smith said. โ€œNaturally savvy shoppers look for products that contain only natural ingredients and are paraben-free.โ€

According to Samanci, BEE&YOU Collagen Shot contains essential components such as type I and type II collagen vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and biotin, which are all designed to enhance the elasticity of the skin to support hair and nail heath. The product also contains Anatolian Propolis Extract, which provides powerful antioxidants.

โ€œWhile offering an innovative and effective solution for consumersโ€™ beauty needs, BEE&YOU Collagen Shot stands out with its focus on naturalness and functionality,โ€ Samanci said. โ€œThis product caters to consumers with beauty and health consciousness, presenting a choice in line with current market trends.โ€

Biosil launched its new Biosil Healthy Aging which adds selenium to the orthosilicic acid formula. Selenium makes 25 selenoproteins, which are antioxidants.

In particular, glutathione peroxidases selenoprotein enzymes are effective at protecting collagen from reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS), according to Passwater.

โ€œAlso, selenoproteins can help protect collagen against glycation and advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), support the immune system and require converting stored thyroid hormones in active thyroid hormones, all factors that can protect collagen production and support hair and nail health,โ€ he noted.

Supporting Retailer Sales

According to Samanci, manufacturers should prioritize training of retail staff to enhance product knowledge and selling skills, offer merchandising assistance, create cooperative advertising initiatives and use point-of-sale materials to contribute to a โ€œvisually appealing shopping environment.โ€

โ€œCustomer service support, sharing sales data, and offering customization options further demonstrate manufacturersโ€™ commitment to bolstering retail success,โ€ Samanci said. โ€œThis holistic approach aims to create a symbiotic partnership, where manufacturers and retailers work hand in hand to achieve shared objectives.โ€

Andrade added manufacturers offering demo kits along with a quick-sell demo guide are a very effective way to support in-store sales. It is also important to coordinate a quick online demo training with staff.

And manufacturers need to work closely with retailers on education surrounded brands and ingredients. She said word of mouth and in-store testers are some of the most effective ways to sell products, Edwards noted.

โ€œOnce you try a high-quality product and it solves a problem for you, then you are more likely to trust that store the next time you are looking for as therapeutic product,โ€ Edwards said.

Staying Informed

Samanci said consumers can use a โ€œdiverse arrayโ€ of reliable sources include peer-reviewed journals and online databases. She said podcasts, webinars and social media can also be powerful tools as they provide a more โ€œconversationalโ€ approach to staying informed.

โ€œCritically evaluating sources and consulting health care professionals can enhance understanding and application of scientific findings in the context of individual health,โ€ Samanci said.

Every consumer is different, Edwards said, and allergies to ingredients tend to be vary by individual. She encourages consumers to patch test any new product before using it on larger areas or for long-term periods.

โ€œProviding information about the latest scientific research and evidence-based practices in hair, nail and skin health โ€ฆ so that consumers can be empowered to make informed choices about supplements and overall well-being,โ€ Germano said.


โ€œOur skin is the bodyโ€™s largest absorption source,โ€ Smith said.

Beauty products and supplements are becoming increasingly popular. However, it is important to take a holistic approach to make sure all products are safe and effective.

โ€œI would advise shopping when you have time to work one-on-one with an associate and really dive into what lifestyle factors contribute to your needs and what will fit into your routine,โ€ Hornfeldt said. โ€œI firmly believe in keeping a journal with even just one line a day or week about the results you are getting from a new supplement.โ€VR

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