Akay Natural Ingredients study: Low-dose chili extract effective in weight management

The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, published in the journalย Frontiers in Nutrition,ย โ€‹investigated the efficacy of the Indian ingredients supplier’s patented extract (CapF)ย on energy expenditure, fat oxidation and endurance in 105 healthy overweight participants.ย 

CapF is red chili extract encapsulated in fenugreek soluble dietary fibre for sustained-intestinal release formulated via the companyโ€™s trademarked technology, Fenumat.

The supplement wasย previously foundโ€‹ย to be bioavailable and safe at dosages of 200โ€‰mg/day in individuals with obesity and helped to reduce body weight following 28โ€‰days of supplementation.

In the current study,ย participants received either placebo, CapF 100 mg/day or CapF 200 mg/day for 28 days, withย results showing that CapF was efficacious at increasing both doses in energy expenditureย and physical performance.

โ€œThe significance of the study comes from the observation that CapF at the tested dose was tolerated and did not produce adverse events such as increased heart rate, pulse rate, palpitation, sweating and abdominal pain, despite its efficacy,โ€ wrote the authors from India and the United States, including two researchers from Akay.ย 

They found that while better results correlated with higher dosages, the lower dose could still offer a side-effect-free solution for weight management.ย 

Red chili and thermogenesisโ€‹

Energy expenditure comprises three main components: resting energy expenditure (EE-R), which is required for basic bodily functions at rest; exercise-induced energy expenditure (EEE); and diet-induced energy expenditure, used in digestion and metabolism.

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