Aligning consumer intentions with behaviors to achieve health goals

This was the key message of a talk delivered atย the International Food and Beverage Event (IFE) in London last weekย by the commercial insights specialists at the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD).

Consumer intentionsโ€‹

In a consumer survey conducted by IGD in October 2022, 85% of shoppers responded that they wanted to eat healthier, whether by consuming more fruit and vegetables, drinking more fluids or reducing sugar processed food intake.

Shoppers who paid attention to nutritional content of products were primarily focused on sugar and fat, and sugar rankedย as the third most important health factor in deciding how healthy a product was across key categories identified such as cereals, soft drinks and healthier snacking products.

Survey results also indicated that consumers are seeking added health benefits, including added fiber and vitamins, and are drawn to low or no added sugar messaging.

โ€œUnsurprisingly, healthier snacking is the top scoring subcategory,” saidย Hannah Skeggs, senior health and sustainable diets manager at IGD. “Since the introduction of the HFSS [High in Fat, Salt and Sugar] regulations last autumn, there has been an increase in the number of healthier impulse options, as well as the reformulation of impulse products to make them HFSS compliant.

โ€œIn addition to healthier snacking, subcategories with a wide variety of low or no added sugar alternatives also score highly. Therefore, NPD that includes reduced sugar options and communicating either on pack or at the fixture where products contain low or no added sugar is likely to appeal to shoppers in these categories.”

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