Alo Moves Vs. Sculpt Society: My Unfiltered Comparison

Alo Moves has over 80 instructors, but it can be a little hit or miss in terms of instructor quality. You’ll have to test them out and look at the individual instructor profiles to learn more about each personโ€”and their certifications are not always clear. I do appreciate the diversity of backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities offered.

The Sculpt Society started with Megan Roup as the sole instructor, but she’s since grown the platform to include five other teachers.

Right now, three are fitness trainers, two meditation coaches, and one yoga instructor. I’ve taken classes with every instructor, and they are all engaging, inclusive, empowering, and incredibly knowledgable.

The verdict on the instructors: The Sculpt Society wins this category becauseโ€”although there are only six of themโ€”the diverse group of talented instructors all use positive, empowering language that makes every class enjoyable.

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