Balchemโ€™s new choline-enriched folate supports pregnancy, life stages

Optifolin is a combination of folate (L-5-MTHF) with the Balchem’s brand of choline, VitaCholine. The ingredient promotes balanced and effective methylation, a process that controls gene expression within the body, a spokesperson said. Optifolin is a patented L-5-methylfolate, with 98% active methylating nutrients, providing seven times the methyl groups found in other folate products. The supplement can support DNA and RNA synthesis, red blood cell formation, protein metabolism and neural tube development, while supporting healthy fetal development.

โ€œWhile there are existing folate solutions available on the market, Optifolinย โ€‹is the first choline-enriched salt in this space,โ€ Frederic Boned, senior vice president and general manager, Balchem Human Nutrition and Health, said in a statement. โ€œThis unique folate and choline combination has seven times the methyl groups than other folate brands and is critical to building and preserving genetic material which help support prenatal, heart and brain health. The womenโ€™s health market is witnessing significant growth, driven by the desire for tailored solutions to address gender-specific needs through all life stages.โ€

Understanding the marketโ€‹

In the United States, 70% of pregnant women take prenatal vitamins, creating an opportunity for brands to deliver novel technology during this critical time of life, according to Lauren Eisen, senior marketing and business development manager at Balchem, Minerals and Nutrients.

For manufacturers formulating with Optifolin, the combination of choline with L-5-methylfolate offers enhanced stability, solubility for efficiency, shelf life and better performance, a spokesperson said. The combination also can provide for easier development of innovative and convenient solutions including tablets, capsules, sachets and stick packs.

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