Best air purifiers under Rs 10,000: Top 5 picks to help you breathe easy

Air purifiers can help create a healthier indoor environment. Here are some of the best air purifiers under 10,000 you can try!

Increasing air pollution and poor air quality index, it is important to create a healthier outdoor and indoor environment. While there is a greater need for collective efforts to improve the outdoor air quality, investing in the best air purifiers for home can help you purify the air you breathe indoors. This device is especially designed to improve indoor air quality by removing contaminants and pollutants from the air. These machines are equipped with HEBA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters, which can capture and remove airborne germs. Air purifiers offer a multitude of benefits that promote improved respiratory health, mental well-being and overall quality of life. Hereโ€™s a list of the best air purifiers under Rs 10,000 that you must try!

5 best air purifiers for healthy breathing

There are several factors to consider while deciding which air purifier to buy. We have curated a list of the best air purifiers in India that are super affordable. So, what is there to wait for? Explore the best air purifiers under Rs 10,000 and pick your favourite one:

1. SHARP Room Air Purifier

The air purifier for home by SHARP offers dual purification by using the plasmacluster and filters such as pre-filter, HEPA and carbon. It promises to capture 99.97 percent allergens and microscopic dust particles. This air cleaner also deodorises the air and removes volatile organic compounds, absorbs cigarette odour, pet odour and ensures a pleasant indoor environment. The filter of this cleaner has a standard life up to 2 years and it comes with low power consumption mode and auto restart. It also claims to deactivate viruses, reduce respiratory issues, removes bacteria, neutralises toxins and stops fungal growth. So, say goodbye to pollutants and enjoy fresh indoor air.

2. Honeywell Air Purifier For Home

The Honeywell Air Purifier For Home promises to protect your family from dust, smoke, pollens, virus, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds. It comes with 4 stage filtration process through pre filter, high gradde H13 HEPA filter, silver ION Anti H1N1 layer and activated carbon filter. The advanced filtration process with air purification cycle removes 99.99 percent micro allergens and airborne pollutants every 12 minutes. The presence of real time PM2.5 level indicator, child lock button, sleep mode and automatic shut-off timer makes this air cleaner device a perfect choice for your home. It has a filter life of up to 3000 hrs or 1 year and comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. So, place this cleaner in your adobe and leave no room for poor air quality.

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3. Qubo Smart Air Purifier Q400

The Qubo Smart Air Purifier Q400 from Hero Group uses the next generation ultra purification process to help you create a safe and healthy indoor environment. The True HEPA h-13 filter removes pollen. With its pre-filter and activated carbon filter, this air cleaner removes cooking smells, pet odours, smoke, pet fur and dust. The silver nano particle coating filters allergens and helps you breathe quality air. This device comes with 360 degree filtration and allows you to remotely control your air quality. It is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant to help you purify your space with your voice. Besides allowing you to access your roomโ€™s air quality insights, it also helps you choose from different operation modes such as auto mode, manual mode, sleep mode and QsensAI mode for convenience and effective purification.

4. Eureka Forbes Air Purifier 150 with True HEPA H13 Filter & Surround 360 degree Air Technology

Bring this affordable air purifier for bedroom from Eureka Forbes. It is equipped with the surround 360 degree air intake technology to swiftly capture bacteria, dust, odours and allergens. This cleaner offers 3-stage purification that can remove 99.97 percent dust and small particles using a pre-filter, activated carbon filter and True H13 HEPA filter. It promises to cover a large carpet area, operate silently and allows you to adjust time and fan speed.

5. FULMINARE Air Purifiers for Home

The FULMINARE Air Purifiers for Home features a HEPA H13 filter, which is designed to effectively remove up to 99.97 percent of dust, smoke, pollen and pet dander to ensure clean and fresh air. It comes with three adjustable speed settings and built-in LED light, which allows you to customise the airflow and create a fresh atmosphere in your home. Adding to that, all these settings are conveniently controlled by a single 3-in-1 button, which makes this device easy to use. It is equipped with advanced sensors which automatically detects and monitors air quality and improves the indoor environment of your space. This air purifier is lightweight, compact and portable, which makes it a wise choice for your home.

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What are the benefits of air purifiers for home?

  • The best air purifiers will help you capture and remove airborne allergens and alleviate the symptoms of allergy sufferers without affecting your pocket.
  • By cleaning the indoor air quality, this device helps improve respiratory health and promote healthy breathing.
  • These are equipped with activated carbon filters which helps neutralise indoor odours from cooking, pets, smoke and other household chemicals.
  • Besides improving air quality, they also capture volatile organic compounds emitted by cleaning products, furniture and paints.
  • The presence of UV-C light technology helps destroy bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.
  • It also contributes to better sleep quality by removing airborne particles and creating a healthy environment.
  • Improved air quality can lead to enhancing cognitive function and productivity.

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