Bioavailable berberine: a winning recipe for PCOS symptom support

Sophy, designed to address the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in women, utilizes itsย keyย ingredient, Berberine Phytosome, which hasย been developedย using technology to enhance absorption, which the company says makes it ten times more effective than berberine alone.ย 

The product was chosen by theย judges’ย panel, who said:ย โ€œPCOS affects millions of women worldwide and requires comprehensive understanding and tailored treatment approaches. Sophy had theย โ€˜X-factorโ€™ย in serving this often overlooked condition.โ€

Elena Fava, international product manager at PharmExtractaย SpA,ย gave thanks toย the judges, stating:ย โ€œThis is a great recognition that gives value to our daily work and our great dedication to the innovation in this field.โ€

Improved bioavailabilityโ€‹

PCOS is a prevalent endocrine disorder that affects 5-15% of women of reproductive age and can contribute to infertility, type-2 diabetes, and mental health disorders such asย anxiety and depressionโ€‹.

Diagnosis requires two out of three featuresโ€‹: menstrual disturbance, hyperandrogenism, and multifollicular ovarian morphology. Hyperandrogenism is a hormonal imbalance that is key to PCOS and can lead to various reproductive, dermatologic, metabolic, and psychological symptoms.

Current treatment goalsโ€‹ย focusย on enhancing fertility, regulating menstruation, and managing metabolicย issues,ย using lifestyle changes and medications.

Howeverย botanical extracts,ย in particular berberine,ย have shown effectiveness in improvingย PCOS symptomsโ€‹ย by addressing insulin resistance and androgen levels.ย However, berberineโ€™sย poor bioavailabilityโ€‹ย has limited its use.

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