Botanical blend improves near visual acuity in the farsighted: Study

Writing in the journal Nutrientsโ€‹, they reported the results ofย a study conducted in volunteers who work in computer-based jobs that assessed the effect of either 400 mg of the supplement Oculoxin (from Polish producer Greenvit) or a placebo, taken twice a day for six weeks.

Results showed that the supplement (AKB) improved near vision in 92.3% of participants, andย conjunctival hydration (the moisture levels of theย membrane that lines the eyelid)ย improved in 61.5% of patients.

โ€œThis is the first study of a preparation based on a combination of natural extracts of aronia, honeysuckle and bilberry,โ€ the researchers wrote.. โ€œAnd the observations providing a premise for possible activity in the treatment of presbyopia as well as dry eye syndrome.โ€ย 

Botanical solutions for eye healthโ€‹

Presbyopia, a common condition that causes difficulty focusing on objects at varying distances due toย changes in lens elasticity and protein instability over timeโ€‹, affects approximatelyย 1.3 billion people globallyโ€‹.

While standard solutions include the use of contact lenses and glasses or laser eye surgery, natural compoundsโ€‹ย likeย iridoidsโ€”secondary metabolites present in a variety of plantsโ€”and anthocyanins, in particular, haveย shown potential to improve visual acuityโ€‹.ย There is also increasing research into plant-based treatments, including polysaccharides and betaine contained in Goya berriesโ€‹,ย for dry eye syndrome.

However, as the authors noted, there is a lack of human studies evaluating the effects of standardized extracts containing both polyphenol group compounds (particularly ย anthocyanins) and iridoids.ย 

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