CBD may be effective in alleviating menstrual-related symptoms

The preโ€“post, randomized, open-label trial examined the effects of oral CBD isolate to mitigate MRS. Researchers found that alleviation of symptoms occurred in the first month participants consumed CBD and continued over the successive three months of consumption.

โ€œThough past work has suggestedย cannabisย may be a viable option for MRS intervention, to our knowledge, this study is the first to examine the effects of CBD on MRS directly,โ€ the researchers wrote. โ€œResults revealed reductions in monthly ratings of MRS.โ€

Scope of problemโ€‹

Approximately 75% of menstruating individuals experience unpleasant menstrual-related symptoms, according to previous studies cited by the researchers. These include cramps,ย headache, breast tenderness and psychological (irritability, tension and depressed mood) symptoms.

Although viewed as an underestimation of the problem, some studies suggest that 5% to 8% of those menstruating have moderate to severe symptoms, and up to 20% of fertile women have clinically relevant premenstrual concerns. The expression of MRS can vary and often worsens approximately six days before and peaks at two days prior toย menstruation. The symptoms can occur during all phases of theย menstrual cycle.

โ€œThough MRS have been extensively studied, more clinical research is necessary because of its impact on everyday life, relationships, and economic losses, as well as because of the association between MRS and psychiatricย symptomatologyย and diagnosis,โ€ the researchers wrote. โ€œSpecifically, menstruation is associated with exacerbations of mood andย anxiety disordersย such as majorย depression,ย panic disorder,ย bipolar disorder and others.โ€

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