Chris Gronkowski: Building a Better Shaker Cup at Ice Shaker | Episode

For our final installment of Podcasts held at the 2024 Vitamin Shoppe Brand Summit, we hosted Chris Gronkowski of Ice Shaker for a fun 20 minute discussion to get the story on how he started the growing business, which was first introduced to the world on the hit TV show, Shark Tank.

From the NFL to Shark Tank to the NFL: Chris Gronkowskiโ€™s Ice Shaker Story

Chris Gronkowski of Ice Shaker on PricePlow Podcast Episode #136

Chris Gronkowski jumps on PricePlow Podcast Episode #136 to tell the Ice Shaker story and detail their many innovations

In this episode, Chris details how he leveraged some success from his wifeโ€™s Etsy business โ€” which was making more money than his NFL salary โ€” into the most innovative shaker cup company in the entire space.

We learn about his experience on Shark Tank, and then get into some of the nuts and bolts of the various versions of Ice Shaker, and how he got it to where it is. We also get to learn about the numerous collaborations they have, which includes DragonBall Z and the NFL.

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Show Notes with Chris Gronkowski

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Where to Find Chris Gronkowski and Ice Shaker

Thanks to Chris for joining us and leveling up the shaker cup industry!

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