Combination of ginger and V. negundo may help alleviate low back pain

โ€œE-PR-01 significantly improved low back pain and bending flexibility in adults without adverse effects,โ€ the authors wrote in theย Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitationโ€‹. โ€œMoreover, the effect of E-PR-01 lasted 7 days after stopping the intervention.โ€

The blend of Vitex negundoโ€‹, commonly referred to as Chinese or five-leaved chaste tree, leaves and Zingiber officinaleโ€‹ (ginger) rhizome showed an improvement in functional ability, work productivity and functional activity.

Synergy for pain relief

V. negundoโ€‹ has been previously studied for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-diabetic and antimicrobial activity. In rats, it has shown pain relieving properties and the potential to inhibit transforming growth factor.

Z. officinaleโ€‹, rich inย polyphenols, has demonstrated a potential to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation and provide pain relief for joint conditions. It has also been shown to preserve joint health in osteoarthritis models. The authors of this study sought to understand the synergistic effects, if any, between the two extracts for alleviating low back pain.

According to the World Health Organizationโ€‹, low back pain affected roughly 619 million people in 2020โ€”a 60% increase from 1990โ€”and is expected to affect close to 843 million people by 2050.

Study detailsย 

The study recruited 72 participants between the ages of 18 and 60 years who reportedย non-specific back pain for no longer than 12 months but at least 7 weeksย and who spent at least one-third of their awake time in a physically inactive state. Subjects in the supplement group consumed two 200 mg supplements containing the extracts daily for 30 days.

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