dsm-firmenich spotlights Humiome ‘biotic vitamin’ with targeted delivery system

โ€œDiet throughout life is perhaps the key determinant of modulation and composition of the gut microbiome,โ€ explained Dr Robert Steinert, HNC Principal Scientist at dsm-firmenich, during a presentation of the ingredient at the tradeshow earlier this month.

“The problem with diet is we are not following a gut microbiome healthy diet on a daily basis, we know we have a fibre gap of about 20g per day, we eat few fermented foods and too little live microorganisms.โ€

He explained while there are a number of biotics on the market, โ€œdsm-fermenich realised there was an additional opportunity for vitamins for the colonโ€ asย research has extended to look beyond synbiotics and consider anti-microbial networks.

He noted those who attended Probiota in Milan earlier this year would have seen a dedicated session on microbiome ecosystems with keynote speaker Prof Jens Walterโ€‹ pointing to the importance of understand gut ecosystem, networks and ecology to overcome some of the limitation seen with probiotics, including high individuality and the effects of background diets.

โ€œHe spoke about carbon cross-feeding – the cross-feeding of short chain fatty acids – which feed off the microbiome to help them grow, detoxify and cope with the stresses of the lumen environment.โ€

He noted that while traditionally it has been understood that probiotic bacteria lead to the production of vitamins in the gut which can be used by the host, more recent research has revealed use of these by the host is quite low, leading to the question of whether they are primarily produced for the host at all.

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