dsm-firmenich teams with SCN BestoCo for omega-3 gummy innovation

โ€œOmega-3s are one of the worldโ€™s most well-recognized supplements, prized for their broad benefits in human health,โ€ said Judy Underwood-Brooks, senior director of North America sales at dsm-firmenich. โ€œBut despite high omega-3 awareness, innovating new formats within this realm has remained challengingโ€”until now.โ€

The strategic alliance responds to the increasing preference for gummies as easy-to-supplement format and the growing market for alternative sourcesย of omega-3ย across mental, cognitive, eye, heart, metabolic, cardiovascular, bone and joint health categories.

Developing omega-3 gummiesโ€‹

According to dsm-firmenich, traditional omega-3 gummy formats typically contain less than 100 mg EPA+DHA per two-piece serving because of the sensitive nature of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Factors like oxidation, light, heat, storage and handling, water and the structure of DHA/EPA itself have made it historically difficult to achieve high dosage levels while preserving sensory qualities.ย 

To address these challenges, dsm-firmenich developedย lifeโ€™s OMEGAโ€‹ย O33-P10, which it explains encasesย its algae oil into POWDER LOC technology, a new powder designed to protect the EPA and DHA within a fortified shell system to deliver doses exceeding 400 mg EPA+DHA per two-gummy serving.ย 

โ€œOther technologies use a single shell to encapsulate the oil, which is more vulnerable to chemical and thermal conditions during gummy manufacturing processing,โ€ saidย Chris Kalodis, North America marketing manager at dsm-firmenich.ย โ€œPOWDER LOC is a superior technology as it provides a double shell encapsulation, protecting the oil from oxidation.โ€ย 

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