EHPM calls on EU policy makers to support nutraceuticals market

As the voice of the European supplements sector, EHPM published a new manifesto that outlinesย how EU policy makers can enable continued growth and combat current regulatory issues in the European food supplement sector in the next mandate.

โ€œAll elections are important, but as the last five years have shown, itโ€™s vital the next cohort of policy makers not only prioritize evidence-based decisions for our health and well-being but also to continue to work together towards a prosperous future,โ€ said Livia Menichetti, director general at EHPM.

โ€œWe call on policy makers in the next mandate and beyond to support industry and to pursue transparent and science-based policymaking that empowers EU consumers to make informed choices.โ€

The EHPM manifestoย states the sector was worth approximately โ‚ฌ18 billion in 2023 (Monitor Deloitte for Synadiet, 2020), with over 3,000 companies creating over 100,000 jobs, contributing significantly to the EUโ€™s economy (IADSA, 2023).

The EHPM makes recommendations covering a range of issues, including: online misinformation; lack of harmonization; the setting of maximum levels for vitamins and minerals; legal certainty on what constitutes a novel food; and proportionate risk management decisions under Article 8 of Regulation 1925/2006.

Tackling misinformation

The manifesto notes that European consumers should be able to make informed choices on safe food supplements through clear labeling that provides transparent information.

โ€œEU policymakers, regulators and stakeholders should work closely together to tackle the growing flow of false myths and fake news on food supplement that circulates online, misleading consumers and damaging the reputation of the sector,โ€ it states, adding โ€œEU policymakers and stakeholders should strive to increase awareness on the importance of including food supplements within the daily nutritional scheme as part of a healthy lifestyle, taking into accounts the unbalanced dietary habits of EU citizens.โ€

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