Euromed, Monteloeder and Pharmactive to showcase untapped botanical potential at Vitafoods

The three-day trade show, held from May 14 to 16, will highlight the latest nutraceutical innovations, trends and research to a Europe-wide audience.ย 

Euromed will showcase its natural herbal extracts, focusing on CuberUp, a cucumber extract for joint health, backed by a recent study showing positive effects on knee pain and mobility.ย 

Monteloeder will present RelaxPLX, a lemon verbena extract for sleep quality, and Zeropollution, a blend protecting skin from environmental damage.

Pharmactive will feature Affron, a saffron extract for mood and stress relief, and ABG+ aged black garlic extract for managing cholesterol and blood pressure.ย 

Med diet inspiredย โ€‹

Euromed, the German botanical extract supplier, will highlight a range of natural herbal extracts inspired by the Mediterranean diet, with a focus on its new cucumber extract CuberUp, and its potentially promising natural approach to the maintenance of healthy joints.

The company notes that joint health support is crucial not only for healthy aging but also for sportspeople. Therefore, CuberUp offers a promising approach for all those struggling with joint problems or looking to prevent them.

In a recentย double-blind clinical studyโ€‹, CuberUp was found to have a positive impact on knee pain, mobility and muscle function in people over 40 years with knee function limitations.ย 

It joins the companyโ€™s range of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts including lemon, pomegranate, olive, artichoke, fig and spinach.ย As with all Euromed extracts, CuberUp is processed with a proprietary extraction technology that uses purified water as the solvent.

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