Evonikโ€™s synbiotic enhances omega-3 health benefits: Study

The researchers from Germany compared the efficacy of a synbiotic comprisingย DSM-Firmenichโ€™s bacterial strainย Bacillus megateriumย โ€‹DSM 32963 and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (nโ€‹-3 PUFA) fromย AvailOmโ€‹, against a placebo, or fish oil with a similarย nโ€‹-3 PUFA content, in 72 healthy participants over 28 days.ย 

Results published in the journalย Nutrientsโ€‹ย showed the synbiotic increased circulating specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPM) precursor levels, which isย importantย forย the regulation ofย immune responses, to a further extent than fish oil.

โ€œThis study opens a new perspective in the practice of omega-3 supplementation, as it shows that a unique synbiotic omega-3 formula is superior to standard omega-3 supplementation in terms of providing the host with pro-resolving lipid mediators (LM),โ€ Bodo Speckmann, innovation manager at Evonik told NutraIngredients.

Synbiotic strategyย โ€‹

Responses toย nโ€‹-3 PUFA supplementation canย vary widely among individualsโ€‹. It is metabolized by several endogenous enzymes into bioactive LMs, a prominent group of which are SPMs, whichย promote inflammation resolutionโ€‹.

SPMs are crucial for receiving the health benefits of n-3 PUFA, but their production can be compromised inย certain health conditionsโ€‹, which can contribute to persistent inflammation.

Increasing the concentration of SPMs in the body has been investigated as a strategy to overcome this issue through enriched fish oil preparations,ย howeverย even at a very highย doseย results showedโ€‹ย only a short-term increase in plasma SPM concentrations.

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