First CBD Novel Foods applications granted safety approval in the UK

The decisions come five long years after the European Commission decided CBD products were to be considered as novel foods.

This FSA Scientific Committeeย endorsement indicates that the companies successfully fulfilled the rigorous safety criteria necessary to progress to the final stage of the Novel Food Licensing process – formal licensing.

Both authorizations are at a level of 10 mg for use in supplement, beverage and confectionary for adults for Cannaray Brands (98% Isolate) and food supplements only for Chanelle McCoy (98% Synthetic), after aย provisional Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) of 10 mg/day was published by the FSA last yearโ€‹.

“Weโ€™re thrilled to share that Cannaray CBD’s journey in the novel food application process has taken a significant leap forward,” the brand announced on its LinkedIn. “We’ve successfully transitioned from the rigorous phase of risk assessment to the pivotal stage of risk management!

“This advancement to the risk management stage is a testament to Cannarayโ€™s unwavering dedication to excellence and compliance,” said Cannaray Brands MDย Howard Radcliffe.ย “We are proud to be at the forefront of driving innovation and establishing best practices within the UK CBD industry. This achievement not only validates our efforts but also reinforces our position as a trusted leader in this rapidly growing sector.”

Ever since the EC updated its Novel Foods catalog to include CBD, companies working in this space have been unable to bring new CBD products to market, and legality has remained uncertain for brands, suppliers, customers, retailers and investorsโ€”with the latter perhaps having the most impact on the industry.ย ย 

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