Frida Uncensored Launches to Take the Filter Off Women’s Health

We live in a world with endless information available right at our fingertips. If thereโ€™s something we need to know, we can easily say “Iโ€™ll just Google it.” But when it comes to womenโ€™s sexual and reproductive health, would-be helpful images and videos are often labeled inappropriate or explicit, and blurred out for the sake of “protection.”

This is especially true when it comes to content around conception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Navigating these stages can be extremely challenging, and a lack of clear, helpful, educational information makes it that much harder.

Thatโ€™s where Frida Uncensoredย is stepping in to transparently prepare women for a new chapter in their lives.

Say hello to uncensored motherhood

The days of illustrated, animated, and censored sexual health content are overโ€”itโ€™s time to get real. Newly launched Frida Uncensoredโ€”created by parent-focused brand Frida, which launched Frida Fertility last year and was the first brand to show a lactating woman on TV in 2021โ€”is on a content crusade to help women feel confident and truly in-the-know about their bodies.

โ€œWomen donโ€™t have access to accurate educational content about their bodies, much less to content that teaches them how to use the products to support them during these physically transformative life stages,โ€ says Frida founder and CEO Chelsea Hirschhorn. โ€œUntil that type of content becomes more widely available and accessible to women, weโ€™ll invest in creating and hosting our own.โ€

Frida Uncensored is an age-gated site (so no need to worry about underage eyes taking a look), that offers uncensored how-to demos of sexual health and wellness products. Wondering how to use an at-home insemination kit? Thereโ€™s a detailed tutorial for that. Or how about the first FDA-clearedย Conception Aid Cup? Yup, thereโ€™s a video for that, too. The site also covers topics like how to cleanse your postpartum vagina and how to treat cracked nipples.

Consider this an up-close-and-personal way to learn exactly how to manage conception, labor prep, and postpartum care. The site will also be updated regularly as Frida launches new products and consumers (like you) ask more questions.

โ€œOur ultimate goal is that Frida and other brands like ours can accurately and honestly educate women on their own bodies.โ€ โ€”Chelsea Hirschhorn, CEO and founder of Frida

Unfiltered support for womenโ€™s health education

Frida is working closely with the nonprofit Center for Intimacy Justiceย (CIJ) to support this uncensored initiative. CIJ is leading the charge against womenโ€™s health censorship by aiming to increase awareness, fund additional research, and change legislation to have more transparent womenโ€™s health education available on digital platforms and beyond.

โ€œFridaโ€™s Uncensored campaign confronts alarming gaps in access to accurate health information online that leave women and people of underrepresented genders uninformed and underprepared in profound aspects of their lives,โ€ says Jackie Rotman, CIJ founder. โ€œWe applaud Fridaโ€™s efforts to lift taboos and drive open conversations to empower women.โ€

Unfiltered and uncompromised videos may seem a little graphic, but they represent the reality many women are facing behind closed doors. The brand wants to make sure theyโ€™re available to anyone who’s looking for guidance.

โ€œOur ultimate goal is that Frida and other brands like ours can accurately and honestly educate women on their own bodies,” Hirschhorn says.

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