From lemon balm to calm: Indena’s Relissa wins cognitive health award

‘Relissa’ was developed to support mental, emotional and sleep health to meet the growing consumer demand for non-melatonin sleep products.

The ingredient exploits the recognized properties of lemon balm, aka Melissa officinalis,​ utilizing Indena Phytosome technology to create a delivery system designed to enhance the power of phytonutrients.

The expert panel of judges that selected the ingredient as a winner said: “Overcoming the negative factors associated with stress and sleep is such an essential part of effective cognitive function. The ingredient selected to achieve this is supported with the right data to provide consumers with confidence.”

On winning the award, Elisabetta Frattini, senior research scientist at Indena SpA, told NutraIngredients: “The award is significant as it acknowledges the excellent work and results achieved by the scientific team from Indena.”

Frattini added that it highlights that working collaboratively in science and approaching nature with scientific rigor and quality can lead to tangible, successful outcomes.


Melissa leaves are well recognized as a traditional sleep aid​, mostly due to hydroxycinnamic and rosmarinic acids and their derivatives.

Relissa was designed to utilize high quantities of hydroxycinnamic and rosmarinic acid, standardized through Indena’s Phytosome technology.

The technology creates phospholipidic molecules, designed to allow better dispersion in gastrointestinal fluids and enhance the ingredient’s bioaccessibility profile. The aim is that the active ingredients contained in Mellissa officinalis​ offer better biological performances while maintaining their natural profile.

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