Full steam ahead for GC Rieber VivoMega sustainable operations

The Norwegian company has implemented an electric steam boiler to power its marine and microalgae omega-3 operations.

In Norway, nearly all electricity production comes from renewable resources, with hydropower being the primary source, as it is reliable and flexible, produces no air pollutants and reportedly has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of all power generation technologies.ย 

“We needed the flexibility to fluctuate between high and low temperatures, which excluded most other options,” said Frode Jenssen, COO of GC Rieber VivoMega. “For instance, heat pump technologies are close to having operations like this but still prototypes.”

The boiler has an initial output of 7.5MW and is prepared for a doubling should the need arise, meaning a potential maximum of 10,000kg/steam/hour.

The firm will supply its factories with 25GWh of steam annually to produce its omega-3 concentrates.ย 

“We now have two energy sources (electricity and biofuel), which means we do not need to burn fossil fuels,” Jenssen noted. “And in the next few years, we seek to only consume green energy from biodiesel and electricity.”

The previous energy generation method involved using biofuel created from fish oil concentrate production, where the remaining biofuel and fertilizer byproducts were used by local aquaculture and food production industries. The move to hydropower will allow the waste material to be diverted to be used as aqua feed.ย 

“This means that the fish oil we burned previously can instead be repurposed into the food chain to produce fish feed and that GC Rieber VivoMega emissions will be vastly diminished,” Jenssen added.

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