Functional chocolate spheres reach International Space Station

While it took the news some time to officially reach Earth due to NASA protocols, the food innovation start-up that developed the truffles is celebrating the crossing of this frontier as a giant leap for its mission to enhance human performance through functional food.

“We are thrilled to share Astreas chocolate spheres with the ISS crew as part of one of the crew memberโ€™s personal preference food items,โ€ said Shahreen Reza, CEO and founder at Astreas. โ€œOur team has been working hard to demonstrate the nutritional and performance value of Astreas’ chocolate spheres, and weโ€™ve received incredibly positive feedback from many elite performers, from astronauts to surgeons and competitive athletes to gamers.โ€ย ย 

Evolution of space chocolateโ€‹

Space crews have enjoyed chocolate as space snack ever since Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person to orbit the Earth in 1961 accompanied by a tube of chocolate syrup. Over the years, cocoa has continued to make appearances as pudding, brownies, ice cream and name-brand candy on subsequent missions.

This latest confection, crafted by award-winning chocolatier Michael Recchiuti, adds function to form by packing a 63% Valrhona dark chocolate ganache interior with nutrients and nootropics, enveloped in a crunchy cacao nib and puffed amaranth shell.

“Astreas not only tastes amazing, it delivers a wonderful boost of energy and mental clarity without the jitters and transient benefits of a high-caffeine energy drink,โ€ said Scott Parazynski, MD, former NASA astronaut and chief operating officer at Astreas.ย โ€œI’m confident Astreas will help my colleagues perform at their best while providing them a healthy treat to look forward to.โ€

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