Gaps in the market: Brands must appeal to the mindful consumer

โ€œImmunity is no longer consumers’ top health concern, and brands need to address multiple benefits in order to stay relevant,โ€ Peter Wennstrom, founder of Healthy Marketing Team, told NutraIngredients.ย 

According to data from strategy and insights firm Industry Transparency Center (ITC) presented in the report, 27% of new product launches in 2022 had immune health support claims, but only 12% of global dietary supplement consumers reported immunity as a health priority.

โ€œItโ€™s an over-saturated market, and even of those 12% prioritizing immune health, 9% of consumers take supplements to address that โ€”a relatively high portion of consumers.โ€

The report suggested the solution for brands is to look at the gaps where consumers have concerns but arenโ€™t being served, such as mental health and performance, and to educate them on the effectiveness of natural supplements for symptom reduction and prevention.

Immunity and beyondโ€‹

People are gaining interest in a more holistic way of dealing with wellbeing, Wennstrom explained. While the COVID-19 pandemic had consumers prioritizing immune health above all else, this has evolved into the โ€˜new normalโ€™, and brands no longer see the same success by catering only to immunity.ย 

Combining immunity with other โ€˜resistanceโ€™ benefits to attract consumer interest, is the solution, and some brands are beginning to extend their products into broader categories, he noted.ย 

Bioritmonโ€™s ITA Energy Defend by Italian supplier Dompรฉ, formulated with probiotics and vitamins B6, B9, B12 and D, is marketing itself as a solution for fatigue via the immune system.

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