Gary Millet: The Future of BHB Research and Ketones | Episode

In episode #138 of the PricePlow Podcast, we introduce you to Gary Millet, the co-founder of Axcess Global, the parent company of Ketone Labs, Real Ketones, Vault, and many others. This is a continuation of Episode #131 with Rob Rogers, Garyโ€™s business partner.

In the previous episode, Rob explained how goBHB was back on the market, and took us through some of the business dealings over the past decade with the ingredients.

Gary Millet of Ketone Labs / goBHB joins the PricePlow Podcast for Episode #138 to talk about the future of BHB research and exciting new applications to come.

With Gary, who has a background in biochemistry, we get into a lot of the scientific applications, focusing on using it as an energy source for cognitive support and performance.

New Product Applications with BHB

Gary uses quite a bit of BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate), the ketone body thatโ€™s generated when beta-oxidizing fat. You create and circulate a lot of it when in a state of ketosis, but the keto diet is no longer the focus! Instead, Gary wants to emphasize the benefits that can be had when combining it with a carbohydrate-based diet, providing the best of both worlds.

After this episode, weโ€™re excited to try the ingredient at higher doses, and are still looking forward to a pure L-BHB product, which is getting produced more efficiently.

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Video: BHB Science and Applications with Gary Millet

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Show Notes

Detailed Show Notes Coming Soon!

Where to Find Ketone Labs and Gary Millet

Rob Rogers of Axcess Global and Ketone Labs: goBHB is Back!Rob Rogers of Axcess Global and Ketone Labs: goBHB is Back!

See also: Rob Rogers of Ketone Labs joins PricePlow for Episode #131 to explain the story behind goBHB, and how theyโ€™re BACK on the market for supplement formulators!

Thanks for jumping on the podcast, Gary โ€” keep us in the loop with any scientific findings, even if unpublished!

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