Gencor aims to โ€˜even the playing fieldโ€™ with solutions for female athletes

Presenting at the Biogredia symposium on womenโ€™s health last week in Gstaad, Switzerland, she said that it is critical to consider theย impact of the menstrual cycle when looking at womenโ€™s health and even more so in female athletes.

โ€œUtilisation of carbohydrates and fats can differ from day two to day 28 of a cycle, so trying to โ€˜biohackโ€™ a female body is going to be extremely difficult,โ€ย she told NutraIngredients.

Elite athletes are seeking constant progress, where a 1% improvement in performance is significant, as they seek to optimize their bodies.

This is where research into functional ingredients can come into play and support athletes by allowing them to maintain or increase lean muscle mass, while looking after bone health, recovery, endocrine function and more.

Next steps for society and industryย โ€‹

Hill noted that the fact that women’s sports are becoming one of the biggest growing sectors showcases the demands of not only viewership but of women wanting to play sports.

“Consumers are seeking more bespoke solutions, and they understand that men and women are different,” she said. “And it’s a push-pull effect; we’re only able to launch successful products and get purchasing orders from these consumers if the sporting world grows with women.โ€

The research and literature will continue to grow, she added, predicting that in two to three years, the industry will be established enough to define clear categories within womenโ€™s health, accompanied by an increased focus on personalized nutrition.

A personal perspectiveโ€‹

As an international cricket player, Hill also has experience on the field.

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