GOED launches Special Achievement Program to spotlight high accuracy quantification

The program is open for applications from all labs that have participated in the AOCS-GOED Nutraceutical Oil Laboratory Proficiency Programโ€‹ย (LPP).

The ‘Special Achievement’ designation will be given to qualifying laboratories for a one-year term, valid from July 1 to June 30. During this period, GOED will actively promote these laboratories to its members and the public. Additionally, GOED will prioritize referring these laboratories to companies seeking testing facilities for the quantification of EPA and DHA.ย 

LPP results must be resubmitted each year to continue to be awarded this title in subsequent years.

EPA and DHA in an oil matrix are among the most challenging substances to quantify reliably,ย Gerard Bannenberg, PhD, GOED’s director of technical compliance and outreach explained: “Yet by choosing the right method, executing it correctly, building experience andย participatingย in the AOCS GOED Nutraceutical Oils Laboratory Proficiency Program, a laboratory can achieve highย proficiency.”ย 

The criteria used to qualify laboratories will be quantification of EPA and DHA (as mg/g in free fatty acid equivalents) within 2% of the mean consensus value (ยฑ 4 mg/g will be accepted forย results below 200 mg/g).

The results should be obtained with one of the methods recommended by GOED: GOED Fatty Acid Method, Ph.Eur. 2.4.29, USP 401 or AOCS Ce1i-07.ย 

Bannenberg addedย the programย is part ofย GOED’s ongoing commitment to quality and enhancing consumer confidence in omega-3 products.ย 

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