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While at the 2024 Vitamin Shoppe Brand Summit, we were honored to have none other than Jocko Willink of Jocko Fuel on the PricePlow Podcast for Episode 132.

Jocko Willink: Founding Jocko Fuel and Jockoโ€™s Supplement Stack

Jocko Willink on the PricePlow Podcast

We had a quick discussion about the founding of Jocko Fuel, how they strive to do the right thing and formulate supplements in the safest way possible, and we get to hear Jockoโ€™s entire supplement stack from start to finish.

We also talk about some of the ongoing regulatory activities, and learn that Jocko is very well aware of some of the challenges that the industry faces.

This is a great continuation from Episode #111 with Brian Littlefield, Jocko Fuelโ€™s co-founder and formulator who hosted us in Maine late last summer.

At 23 minutes, this is a short but powerful episode โ€” you can understand the ethos of Jocko Fuel in just a few minutes of him talking. Just like Jocko himself โ€” Jocko Fuel is the real deal.

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Video: At The Vitamin Shoppe with Jocko Willink

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Detailed Show Notes

Detailed show notes are coming soon!

Where to Find Jocko Willink and Jocko Fuel

Thanks again to Jocko for your valuable time. It was a pleasure talking with you both on and off camera!

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