Jose Antonio: ISSN 2024 and the Industry Battle for Creatine | Episode

Itโ€™s an episode weโ€™ve been wanting to do for years: the legendary Jose Antonio, co-founder of ISSN, the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Jose, better known as Joey, has been in the game since the very beginning, and gives us his background in an incredibly entertaining and informative podcast episode.

ISSN and the Industry Battle for Creatine

Jose Antonio of ISSN on PricePlow Podcast #137

The legendary Jose Antonio, co-founder of the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition), joins PricePlow to get hyped for ISSN 2024 and tell us about the true beginnings of the sports nutrition, including some crazy battles over creatine!

One of the recurring themes in the PricePlow Podcast is the insanity surrounding creatine, the naturally-found ATP booster that has hundreds of studies behind it, and an impeccable safety status. Since Joey was there from the start, we asked for his take, and got some incredible stories in the process.

ISSN 2024 is Coming!

Each year, ISSN hosts a conference where sports nutrition researchers, scientists, and related parties can come and present their latest work and findings.

This yearโ€™s conference is in Bonita Springs, Florida, coming a bit more than a month after the airing of this podcast. Joey explains how this is the best and most unique conference, and why interested parties should join and get involved.

Watch the video YouTube, listen on Spotify, or find PricePlow on iTunes or any RSS-based podcast app. This podcast has been sponsored by one of ISSNโ€™s and PricePlowโ€™s mutual partners, Cognizinยฎ Citicoline.

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Video: Join Team PricePlow with Jose Antonio

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Show Notes with Jose Antonio

Detailed Show Notes are Coming Soon!

Where to Find Jose Antonio and ISSN


Come to the next ISSN Conference!

Thanks to Joey for joining us and bringing the entire industry up with you โ€“ we wouldnโ€™t be here without you (seriously).

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