Joy of the Month: 12 Things Our Editors Bought In February That Made Us *So* Happy

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At Well+Good, we’re all about healthy retail therapy because, let’s face it, a little pick-me-up is good for the soul. We’re not suggesting you try to shop away your problems, but a dash of self-care spending here and there? Absolutely, be it a small delight or a big mood booster.

My personal shopping cart was overflowing with joy-boosting goodies this month, some practical and some purely fun. Each one managed to sprinkle a little extra sunshine into my day, which, given March’s chill and don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it length (seriously, how does one month seem to move *so* fast?!) was much needed. Seems my colleagues were in the same boat, who indulged in their own shopping-therapy sessions this month, the end goal being “joy.” Scroll to see all the stuff that made us Well+Good staffers do a happy dance this month. Who knowsโ€”you might end up doing a happy dance, too.

Francesca Krempa, Commerce Editor

National Parks, U.S. Park Pass โ€” $80.00

I live in Utah and spent the last weekend in February camping and exploring Capitol Reef National Park, which, if you havenโ€™t been, should definitely be on your bucket list. Knowing Iโ€™d be exploring more of the parks this spring, I picked up an annual Parks Pass, saving me big bucks on entry fees down the line. If you plan on enjoying being outside when the weather warms up, I highly recommend snagging your own annual pass. It pays for itself in about two trips and covers you plus three other people, so itโ€™s great for families. For $80 a year, you get access to 2,000+ federal recreation sites across the country, which is worth its weight in gold, IMO.

Maison Miru, Birthstone Nap Earring โ€” $150.00

Iโ€™m not normally an earring gal because 1) I have suuuper sensitive ears and 2) I do too many things where they can get ripped out (ouch). Thanks to these bad boys though, I can be an earring gal; theyโ€™re made from medical-grade titanium that doesnโ€™t irritate my ears at all. Seriouslyโ€”Iโ€™ve had these in for a month now, and they havenโ€™t made me itch or ooze once. But the real winner is their backs, which swap the traditional, pokey earring back for a flat, push-pin style that lays flat against your lobes. This way, you can sleep in them comfortably and worry less about snagging. And that makes me a very happy newfound earring gal.

Hydro Flask, Stainless Steel Tea Infuser โ€” $17.00

I recently went on a trip with Hydro Flask expecting water bottles and came back with so many things that werenโ€™t water bottles (a lunchbox! French press! even a cooler!), all of which brought me joy. That includes this handy dandy tea infuser, which sits perfectly atop Hydro Flask tumblers to steep your favorite tea. When youโ€™re done, take out the basket and plop it on the lidโ€”it also functions as a coaster. Arguably the best part, though, is that itโ€™s dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze. For $17?! No brainer. I love it.

Amelia McBride, Associate Lifestyle Editor

Hue, Women’s Mini Crew Socks (Pack of 6) โ€” $18.00

โ€œIโ€™ve been on the hunt for the *perfect* pair of white gym socks, and I finally found them. This 6-pack from crew is elite: Theyโ€™re super stretchy in the leg but retain their shape when you take them off, theyโ€™re soft, and they fit right above my high-top lifting sneakers.โ€

Kaitlin Ahern, Editorial Director, Health

Cerave, Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 โ€” $13.00

โ€œIโ€™m loving Ceraveโ€™s hydrating mineral sunscreen. It may be nothing fancy, but it brings me joy by simplifying my morning face routine (I use it as moisturizer + sunscreen + liquid foundation most days), which frees up more of my time to convince two toddlers to eat breakfast *and* get dressed *and* get out the door at a reasonable time. It also makes me happy because itโ€™s a mineral sunscreen (so, no chemicals). Most minerals tend to leave a white cast, but this one is tinted, lending the perfect amount of coverage for daycare drop-off and a day full of Zoom meetings.โ€

Maki Yazawa, Food Writer

Yeti, M30 Hopper Soft Cooler โ€” $350.00

โ€œGrowing up in South Florida, camping wasnโ€™t something I ever wanted to do (cue: mosquitos, humidity, and sweat in places I didnโ€™t know existed). Now, that I live in Southern California, I get the draw. Thatโ€™s why this stylish cooler has been the most exciting addition to my camping gear this month. Not only is it beautiful and super practical, it beats the flimsy styrofoam cooler I usually bring along on trips. Plus, the temperature danger zone for food doesnโ€™t stand a chance here thanks to Yetiโ€™s insulating technology, folks.โ€

Tower 28, Lip Softies – Ube Vanilla โ€” $16.00

โ€œThe amount of money Iโ€™ve spent on building my lip balm collection in the name of research makes my savings account instantly shudder. Thatโ€™s to say, Iโ€™ve spent big bucks trying just about every balm, oil, gloss, mask, you name it, on the market. But none have offered the unparalleled level of hydration *and* cute lip-enhancing color that this Tower 28 LipSoftie in the shade Ube Vanilla has given me. If a โ€˜bitten lipโ€™ look is your vibe, this not-too-sticky, but oh-so-hydrating tinted lip treatment is as good as it gets. (TBH, as a food writer, this product had me at โ€˜ube vanillaโ€™).โ€

Danielle Calma, Commerce Writer

Nerra, The Body Cleansing Ritual โ€” $175.00

โ€œIโ€™m an โ€˜everything showerโ€™ type of girl, but like any old habit, it can turn into a drag. Whatโ€™s helped is the Nฤ“rra Body Cleansing Ritual. I received it as a sample and can confirm that it has brought some levity to the routine. It has all I need to carry me through the motions of my biweekly event: a pre-exfoliating foam and gritty exfoliating glove to help me slough stubborn layers of winter dryness; a sudsy body wash that smells sweetly of jasmine; and argan oil for moisture (necessary) and a sheeny glow (a welcome bonus).โ€

Gabriela Garcia, Senior Commerce Editor

Cuyana, Leather Backpack – 16 in. โ€” $498.00

โ€œIโ€™m a big fan of oversized bags, and when I discovered this oversized backpack from Cuyana, I knew I had to add it to my growing bag collection. I purchased the Leather Backpack (16-inch) in black and I use it almost every day. Itโ€™s big enough to hold my work laptop, plus multiple notebooks, my phone, wallet, and any other miscellaneous items I need for my two pre-teen children. I appreciate that it has a shorter strap that allows me to carry it like a traditional purse, or I can utilize the two longer straps and wear it as a backpack. In the short time that Iโ€™ve owned this bag, itโ€™s gotten its fair share of wear and tearโ€”but it looks beautiful and is holding up amazingly well. Iโ€™m eyeing the mini version of this bag for daily errands and occasions when I donโ€™t need to haul around so much stuff.โ€

Faye McCray, Head of Content

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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