Kerry launches inaugural postbiotic ingredient for holistic healthy aging

While Kerry already offers several probiotic solutions, breaking into the postbiotic space with its new rice-derivedย Lactobacillus caseiย โ€‹subsp.โ€‹ย 327 ingredient will allowย the firmย to offer further variety for manufacturers and therefore consumers. ย 

โ€œPostbiotics are a rapidly growing space in the health and wellness industry due to their resilient and shelf-stable nature, which leads to innovative formulation opportunities,โ€ Jordan Dow, vice president at Kerry ProActive Health, told NutraIngredients.

The ingredient has been formulated to be effective at the low dose of 100 mg for skin health, to offer increased versatility for a variety of supplement formulations, Dow added.ย 

Holistic healthyย โ€‹agingโ€‹

Plenibiotic works by targeting the gut-skin axis, a growing area of interest for consumers.

โ€œBecause of the interconnection of the gut and other body systems like skin, benefits that support digestive health can in turn provide benefits for those interconnected systems,” Dow said. “While research is ongoing into this interconnection, consumers have become more aware of the link between maintaining digestive and skin health as a component of healthy aging.”ย 

The number of supplements globally promoting skin health has tripled in the last five years according to a 2023 Innova Trends Survey.ย The same research shows that 75% of consumers consider healthy aging a priority, and a third of those consumers are actively pursuing this goal starting at age 30.

And the link between digestive and skin health has become a key concern for those focused on healthy aging, with 55% prioritizing digestive health also expressing an interest in skin health (Kerry Proprietary Research – Proactive Health, 2024).

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