Meta-analysis supports ATP’s ergogenic potential for resistance-trained men

Writing in the journal Sportsโ€‹, Mexico-based scientists reported that daily doses of 400 mg may present an ergogenic effect in resistance-trained men and that supplementation for 12 weeks at this dose is safe in healthy adults.

The new paper was welcomed by TSI, which markets the Peak ATP ingredient (Adenosine 5โ€™-Triphosphate (ATP) disodium), which featured heavily among the published human clinical studies included in the review and meta-analysis.

โ€œWe are gratified to have the scientific community affirm the relevance and quality of our research,โ€ said Shawn Baier, vice president of business development for TSIโ€™s innovative products division.

โ€œThis meta-analysis comes at a time when there is a resurgence of interest in PEAK ATP, as more and more brands throughout the world are looking to provide their customers with the best pre-workout ingredient for real energy and real results. Numerous studies confirm its immediate benefits for athletes, weekend warriors and everyday exercisers.โ€

Energy โ€‹

ATP is the energy source for tissues, but it has also been proposed to have functions beyond energy.

While the compound is known to play a direct role in muscle contraction and relaxation, and also acts as a signaling molecule leading to other effects, there is controversy in the scientific literature concerning ATPโ€™s ability to improve physical performance.

โ€œThis is due, in part, to the fact that oral ATP supplementation does not result in increases in intramuscular concentrations. Furthermore, most studies do not evaluate plasma levels of ATP and its metabolites after supplementation, making it difficult to correlate changes in physical performance and body composition with supplementation,โ€ explained the authors of the new paper, who were affiliated with the Autonomous University of Yucatan, the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, and the Regional High Specialty Hospital of the Yucatan.

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