Mice study supports omega-3 role in longevity

Polish and American scientists publishing in the journalย Clinical Nutrition โ€‹reportedย a positive correlation between n-3 FA and telomere length in fat-1 transgenic mice as compared to their wild-type siblings, indicating a slower rate of age-related telomere shortening in the former.

โ€œThis study, for the first time in a unique animal model free of dietary confounders, has demonstrated that increased levels of n-3 FA in tissues can reduce telomere attrition,โ€ the researchers wrote. โ€œThe data presented indicate the possibility of using omega-3 fatty acids to reduce accelerated telomere attrition and, consequently, counteract premature aging and reduce the risk of age-related diseases.โ€

Telomere shortening and lifespanโ€‹

Telomeres, the structures composed of DNA sequences and proteins found at the end of chromosomes, shorten with age and are markers of biological aging. Inflammation and oxidative stress because of certain lifestyles can contribute to telomere shortening, ultimately impacting an individualโ€™s healthspan. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and brain changes are connected to reduced telomere length. When it comes to older adults with cognitive impairment, the study identified research in which n-3 FA supplementation might reduce telomere shortening in those individuals.

According to the researchers, omega-3 fatty acids (n-3 FA) has an inverse relationship between baseline blood levels of n-3 FA and the degree of telomere shortening in leukocytes. However, more research is needed.

โ€œAlthough a considerable number of cross-sectional and randomized human and rodent studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of n-3 FA on telomere length, their results are not entirely consistent,โ€ they wrote. โ€œHuman studies have examined diverse groups of people, given different amounts and types of n-3 FA, with various additional factors disturbing their dietโ€ฆTherefore, there is a need for further well-controlled studies to determine the impact of n-3 FA on telomere length.โ€

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