Microbiome modulation takes center stage: Unveiling the NutraIngredients 2024 Awards finalists

This surge in interest has fuelled a rapidly growing market for products and ingredients designed for microbiome modulation.

This yearโ€™s Nutraingredients awards for the Microbiome Modulation Ingredient and Product of the Year showcase the fieldโ€™s diversity and ingenuity, featuring novel ingredients, targeted delivery systems and a strong emphasis on robust scientific evidence.

Ingredient of the year: Microbiome modulationโ€‹


Kyowa Hakko Europeโ€™s Immuse postbiotic, containing the lactic acid bateria Lactococcus lactisโ€‹, was found to be the first bacterial strain to directly activate pDC immune cells located in the Peyerโ€™s patches of the small intestine. It is known that these cells can then stimulate the wider immune system to support optimal immunity.

A number of randomized controlled trials reported that LC-plasma reduced symptoms of illnessโ€‹ and increased anti-inflammatory markers.

The company highlighted the ingredient’s strong scientific backing and unique mechanism of action in support of immune system activation as differentiators in this competitive market.

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