Microphyt explores microalgae for weight management, identifies side benefits

โ€œMost significant findings are related to improvement in Vฬ‡Oโ‚‚ max and decrease in resting heartย rate toย improve exercise capacity and cardiovascular fitness, which are major components during weight management interventions, in particular for long-term adherence,โ€ Christel Lemaire, marketing manager at Microphyt, told NutraIngredients-USA.

The Microphyt-sponsored study was conducted in collaboration with global consulting firm Increnovo and theย Exercise & Sport Nutrition Labย at the Human Clinical Research Facility at Texas A&M University.

Microalgae and weight managementโ€‹

Previous studies link marine algae and fucoxanthinol (a metabolite of carotenoid fucoxanthin)ย with anti-obesity, lipid-lowering and glucose management properties.ย 

โ€œTheoretically, dietary supplementation with a microalgae extract fromย Phaeodactylum tricornutumโ€‹ย containing fucoxanthin could promote greater fat loss and/or improvement in health outcomes during an exercise and weight loss intervention,โ€ the researchers wrote.

Primary outcomes of the current study included changes in body composition. Secondary outcomes spanned exercise and diet-induced changes in aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, inflammation and oxidative stress biomarkers, hemodynamic status and appetite-regulating hormones.ย 

โ€œBeyond weight and fat mass loss, comprehensive weight management interventions should prioritize overall health improvement by reducing cardiovascular risk, enhancing exercise and functional capacity, and preventing musculoskeletal injuriesโ€”the most common adverse side effects of exercise in overweight populations,โ€ the study noted.ย 

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