Mind-skin connection: Consumers seek-out โ€˜neurocosmeticโ€™ solutions

The UK beauty supplement market is booming, with a 57% increase in products across hair, beauty, and personal care markets as of Q4 2023, compared to Q1 2021, according to aย recent reportโ€‹ย by data analysts Centric Market Intelligence (CMI).

E-commerce data collected from retailers Boots, Sephora and Space NK,ย showed discounts plunged by 44% across all supplement categories throughout the year in response to higher retailer cost and higher overall prices have led to high expectation.ย 

โ€œIt is clear thereโ€™s a pressure from consumers who are actively reaching for supplements that specifically address their beauty needs, as theyย increasingly embrace the blurred line between beauty and health,โ€ Elizabeth Shobert,ย director of retail market intelligence and researchย at CMI stated.

Hair careโ€‹

Hair growth supplements have seen a 100% year-on-year increase in searches since 2021 according to CMI, indicating a substantial surge in interest.ย 

With popularity comes the ability to put a higher price tag on products, and hair supplements were the most expensive category in beauty supplements in the UK, with an average price of ยฃ39.90.

But price doesnโ€™t appear to be putting consumers off, with CMI data showing a 76% hike in searches forย โ€˜biotin supplementsโ€™, theย B vitamin gaining notoriety for scalp health. Similarlyย searches are up 43%ย โ€˜keratin supplementsโ€™, the protein popular forย repairing damageย to dry hair.

Confirming this,ย Minโ€‹tel dataย โ€‹showed that women aged 25-34 show a high interest in beauty supplements that prevent hair loss, indicating a specific consumer need within the ingestible beauty market, Andrew McDougall, director of beauty and personal care at Mintel told NutraIngredients.

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