MuscleTech Hot Sauce?! Scorpionโ€™s Inferno!

MuscleTech... Hot Sauce?!

For years, MuscleTech has made a name for themselves with cutting edge formulas. By pioneering the use of the caffeine metabolite paraxanthine in formulas like Burn iQ and EuphoriQ, MuscleTech helped usher in a new era of caffeine-alternative stimulant ingredients. More recently, we had Raza Bashir of MuscleTech, as well as Shawn Wells, on Episode #123 of the Priceplow Podcast to discuss the introduction of Peptide 185, which utilizes the novel dileucine peptide to enhance muscle growth.

Now, MuscleTech is coming out with something a little different.

Scorpionโ€™s Inferno Hot Sauce

Almost exactly a year ago, the famous White House bodybuilding foodsmith, Chef Rush, joined the MuscleTech team. Since then, MuscleTechโ€™s protein flavor game has hit new heights, with delicious Nitro-Tech flavors like Churros and Dulce de Leche gracing our gym bags.

Today, MuscleTech has announced that theyโ€™re traveling a bit off the beaten path with their news product. Chef Rushโ€™s more savory culinary instincts have broken through, and as a result, thereโ€™s a new Scorpionโ€™s Inferno hot sauce on the horizon.

What does a hot sauce have to do with gains?

MuscleTech Hot SauceMuscleTech Hot Sauce

In the announcement, the hot sauce is described as a โ€œsymphony of intense flavors and heat that will leave even the most seasoned spice enthusiasts reaching for a glass of milk wth a new set of abs and shredded muscle.โ€

While it may be easy to think that hot sauce has little to do with athletic supplementation, this description makes a good bit of sense. On the one hand, hot sauce adds a bit of pizzazz to the often-monotonous diet of beef and rice. The better it tastes, the more youโ€™ll eat, and the more youโ€™ll gain.

And, as the advertisement says, youโ€™ll be able to increase your milk consumption in tandem. As any GOMAD practitioner will attest, milk is a superfood for bulking. When your mouth feels like itโ€™s been stung by scorpions, what better salve than a nice, hearty glass of milk?

All-in-all, we can see the logic. While we donโ€™t have the research to prove it, hot sauce equals gains.

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