Mushroom supplier warns of ‘hype cycle’: Time to cultivate consumer education

Robin Gurney, founder of Estonia-based Musheez (previously named Natural Chaga) has been supplying a range of mushrooms in a growing number of formats since 2020, witnessing the growth in demand for these supplementsโ€‹ across European territories.

Now supplying about 50 brands across 20 countries, he is pleased to see the products cultivating consumer demandโ€‹ but worries the market may be in danger of crashing if it is overrun with poor qualityย โ€˜me tooโ€™ products and exaggerated marketing claims.

“I do have a concern about the โ€˜hype cycleโ€™ where things come to a peak and drop off and plateau,” he said. “We are somewhere around that peak and my concern is I see a lotย of poor quality products on the market that are very low in the health benefiting compounds of beta glucans and polysaccharides.

A selection of the Musheez range

โ€œWe see a lot of people jumping on the band wagon and trying to buy the cheapest version of the active ingredient they can get, then doing some really high quality marketing work. People will buy this low quality product, and it wonโ€™t have any benefits, and theyโ€™ll blame the mushroom.โ€

Gurney asserted that poor consumer education and marketing hyper are particularly dangerous in the world of mushrooms where the active ingredient can have very varying effects from one consumer to the next.

pillapalu forest retreat MUSHEEZ HQ

Musheez HQ

“For some, a product can have incredible benefits for sleep, while someone else says itโ€™s good for their energy, which is curious but mushrooms are complex creatures and impact people in different ways,” he said. “Yet when brands push these products, they tend to zoom in on one particular aspect of a mushroom or one piece of research.”

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