New data drives home cognitive benefits of Noogandha

The study, funded by the ingredient supplier Specnova in collaboration with research consultancy Increnovo LLC,ย examined the effects of liposomal ashwagandha supplementation on cognitive function, mood and markers of health and safety in healthy men and women under the age of 50.

Noogandha, available worldwide, is described as a root/leaf liposomal custom composition ashwagandha withย high total withanolide levels as well as other important bioactive compounds, namely alkaloids andย saponins.ย 

A dosage of 225 mg of this ingredient over 15 an 30 daysย was previously shown to reduce markers of stress and improve cognitive functionโ€‹ in individuals with perceived stress.ย 

A 400 mg acute dosage was found to helpย sustain attention and increase short-term/working memoryโ€‹ in healthy young adults.

Sebastian Balcomb, founder and CEO of Specnova, told NutraIngredients that this latest studyย drives home the cognitive performance and mood benefits of the ingredient, “showing how it performs differently from any other ashwagandha in the market”.

“It only needs a 225 mg dose for chronic use or 400 mg for a single dose/acute effect, perfect for RTDโ€™s in the nootropic/energy category, or pre-workout products,” he added.

The study

Researchers from Texas A&M University, University of Wisconsin and Increnovo LLCย recruited 59 men and women between the ages of 18 and 49. Participants donated a fasting blood sample and were administered the COMPASS cognitive function test battery (Word Recall, Word recognition, Choice Reaction Time Task, Picture Recognition, Digit Vigilance Task, Corsi Block test, Stroop test) and profile of mood states (POMS).

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