Noggin: Brain health supplements for modern day minds

Following a 20-year career as a medical doctor, Noggin Founder Dr. Clara Doran observed a clear growing prevalence of sleep and stress issues in her patients, whilst her own neurological disease diagnosis led her to discover the power of nutrition for brain health.

“Around 10 years ago while I was a GP I had my son, and shortly after I started to have some unusual symptoms,” she told NutraIngredients. “I became quite unwell, and eventually I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which was a massive shock and a tough thing to come to terms with.ย But what came from that was a new-found desire to really understand more about health and well-being, particularly around brain health.โ€

She said that despite expert medical care and a good team supporting her, she still felt like there were a lot of things she didnโ€™t know and “a lot ofย weird symptoms that just werenโ€™t being answered by traditional medicine”.

This led her to study functional medicine followed by sleep medicine at the University of Edinburgh, which opened her eyes to the importance of factors such as lifestyle and sleep for health, and their effect on brain health.

โ€œThere hadnโ€™t really been much room for nutrition in my conventional medical training,โ€ Doran said. โ€œAnd I really began to understand why it was so important and the evidence that backed all that up.โ€

Discussing her interest in supplements, she added: โ€œI had always worked on the premise that if there wasn’t a tested deficiency, then there was really no need for supplements. But my view on that changed.

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