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NOW Launches Product Line Exclusively in Physical Stores – Vitamin Retailer Magazine

NOW Health Group (Bloomingdale, IL) introduced 20 new product sizes that are only available for sale in brick and mortar stores.

โ€œThe idea originated with the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA) as something that would support these stores, which very much appeals to NOW,โ€ said Dan Richard, vice president of global sales and marketing at NOW. โ€œAs far as we know, NOW is the only company offering SKUs that are exclusively sold in physical stores.โ€

The chosen products include many of NOWโ€™s top-sellers, such as 5HTP, CoQ10, probiotics and vitamin D. The store-only sizes are in between the small and large quantities of the bottles usually sold, the company said.

According to the company, the new SKUs carry an โ€œIn Store Onlyโ€ logo on the front of the label and NOWโ€™s fulfillment system is coded to block customers with online stores from being able to order them.

NOW has been in business for 55 years and has a long history of supporting independent retailers such as in-store merchandising materials and education sessions for staff, the company stated. NOW resisted selling its products on Amazon and other online platforms until consumer demand became too high, the company said.

โ€œThis is our latest effort to support physical independent and natural chain stores and we hope to expand the number of products offered if the program does well,โ€ Richard said.

For more information, visit NOWโ€™s website.

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