NutraCast: Biohacking cellular health via supplements that mimic fasting

To recreate fasting at the molecular level and activate the bodyโ€™s natural regenerative abilities on demand, nutritech company Mimio Healthโ€”which created biomimetic supplements designed from human biology to optimize health, slow aging and enhance longevityโ€”launched its first product Mimio, a patented combination of fasting metabolites in a daily supplement.

Mimio has been clinically shown to provide the same anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, metabolic and cardio protective effects as fasting even during a meal. The evidence also indicates that it reduces biological age in humans and extend lifespan in model organisms by up to 96%.ย 

Mimio Health cofounder Christopher Rhodes, PhD, studied nutritional biochemistry at UC Davis where he researched the impacts of fasting for 36-hours, observing that the fast enhanced cellular functionalities. Following several years of research, he launched Mimio Health with his sister and cofounder Caitlyn Beattyโ€‹.ย 

Once Mimio was formulated, Rhodes put it to the test, confirming that subjects who supplemented with Mimio reaped the benefits of the 36-hour fast.ย 

“Their plasma wasn’t pro-inflammatory, it was anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and cardioprotective, which was really, really exciting for us,” he said. “Essentially, that was the confirmation that told us that you can use Mimio as a way to help not only prevent negative effects of eating but also mimic the benefits of fasting, even during a meal. And that was ultimately the last linchpin that we needed to say, โ€˜all right, this is a great product that needs to be in people’s lives’.”

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