NutraIngredients Awards 2024 finalists announced!

The final 14 awards will be presented at a VIP NI Party in Geneva on the night of May 15 to recognize all the wonderful talent in our industry and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the awards.

“With a stellar line-up of competitors in this year’s finals, the team is excited to celebrate our worthy finalists and winners as well asย mark a huge milestone for the brand,” said Nikki Hancocks, editor of

“Winning an NI Award sets your company apart from the competition. Itย is a great way for companies and people to showcase their hard work and achievements within the industry.

“Congratulations to everyone who made it to the final roundโ€”this is a huge triumph in an extremely competitive space.”

And our finalists are…

Editors Award For Sustainability Initiative of the Year โ€‹

  • World’s first high-dose Omega-3 gummies made with MSC-certified Norwegian cod oil – Arctic Blue Omega
  • Go Zero – Finzelberg
  • Inavea Caring by Nature – Nexira

Ingredient of the Year: Beauty from Within โ€‹

  • Zeropollution – Monteloeder by Suannutra
  • Ceramosides – Seppic
  • ProBeautyShield – SynBalance

Ingredient of the Year: Cognitive Function โ€‹

  • Rednite – Enovate Biolife
  • Relissa – Indena
  • Melotime – Nutriventia

Ingredient of the Year: Healthy Ageingโ€‹

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