NutraWomen Wednesday: Camille Binachon, Product Manager, Lallemand Health Solutions

“I have always loved science and prior to starting university, it was clear for me that I wanted to be involved in a scientific environment related to life sciences,” she said. “I studied in engineering school back in France, which specialized in biotechnologies and I got the chance to discover many of the different professions in life science companies. And so through different projects, through different courses, presentations, I understood I wanted to have a job that would allow me to bridge the gap between science and business.”

For Binachon, thereโ€™s no better time to be working in probiotics and uncovering solutions for womenโ€™s health.

“I would say that in the last year, women’s health is finally having the attention it deserves,” she said. “So in the past, the women’s health category maybe was a bit more vague and not as specific to answer women’s specific needs. So this is very nice to see that products are more and more specialized towards the specific needs for women. And I would say that the prenatal and postnatal category is really something that is booming and will be booming in the future. We see so many product launches in this area and especially in the supplement category, so it is very nice to be able to have this innovation.”

She added that Lallemand will launch a womenโ€™s health solution in the near future.

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