NutraWomen Wednesday: Sandra Saville, RD, Director of Education and Communication, IPA

A microbiome enthusiast, Saville has been extensively involved in microbiome research, prebiotics, probiotics and education, presenting on the link between the microbiome and health to health care professionals, consumers and industry.ย 

โ€œI have had some [dieticians] who’ve said, โ€˜well, the microbiome really isn’t our space’, but this is everyone’s space,” she said. “Why? Because you need the owner’s manual. You have a microbiome, and if you’ve got a microbiome, guess what? You should know not only what to eat to feed you but to feed and supplement those trillions of microbes that are within us.”

In addition to her role at IPA, Saville is the president of Microbiome Experts and Saville Nutrition Consulting, a past board member and advisor with the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation and a co-founder of two prebiotic companies.

“I always tell people that the microbiome and that space is here to stay,” she said. “It is not a trend nor will we see probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics as trends. These are drivers of health and it is so important for all of us to garner the knowledge so that we can educate others.”

When asked about her enthusiasm, Saville credited her energetic spirit to the “incredibly awesome opportunity to work in the field” of microbiome health as well as a healthy dose of pre- and probiotics.

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