NutriLeads signs Lehvoss to distribute Benicaros prebiotic across EMEA

Benicaros is NutriLeadsโ€™ clinically backed precision precision prebiotic made from upcycled carrot pomace, with applications withinย functional foods, beverages and supplements.

Benicarosโ€™ dual mode of action trains the innate immune systemโ€‹ย and selectively increases beneficial gut microorganismsโ€‹ and their metabolites that are crucial to maintain a resilient gut and overall health.

Discussing market trends and customer needs, Teresita Rudร , head of brands and marketing at Lehvoss Nutrition said: โ€œWe are confident that our customers will find this ingredient very exciting, as Benicaros is a plant-based, innovative solution in the immune-microbiome space with remarkable research showing impressive results in any type of gut ecosystemโ€.

The news followsย Benicaros’ achievement ofย โ‚ฌ4.5million Series C funding in January 2024โ€‹ to accelerate the commercialisation of the ingredient across geographies.

Speaking to NutraIngredients about this milestone at the time, Joana Carneiro, CEO at NutriLeads, explained that the ingredient has a foothold in North America, but the team was keen to build awareness across Europe and Asia

“This is an important milestone for us as it will allow us to expand market penetration as well as increase the science into the health benefits of the ingredient,” she said, noting thatย its scientifically substantiated benefits for gut health and immune healthโ€‹ย align perfectly with key consumer trends in these regions.

“We still see immune health is a top health priority for consumers, with gut health shortly following, but we also know the ingredient will have additional health benefits so we need to validate these with further scientific research,” she added.

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