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Pharmavite (West Hills, CA) awarded a $1 million grant to The JED Foundation (New York, NY), a leading nonprofit organization that protects emotional health and prevents suicide among teens and young adults.

โ€œWe are thankful for Pharmaviteโ€™s commitment to creating communities of care for teens and young adults by helping them live healthier lives both physically and emotionally,โ€ said John MacPhee, CEO of JED. โ€œThis generous grant will offer more schools the opportunity to prioritize and normalize youth mental health for every student through the implementation of JEDโ€™s evidence-basedย Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention.โ€

The grant will be used to scale JEDโ€™s work in several key areas including JED Campus and JED High School, the organizationโ€™s flagship programs providing high schools, colleges and universities with expert support, evidence-based practices and data-driven guidance to protect student mental health and prevent suicide, JED said.

It will also be used for Suicide Postvention Services, including consulting schools and campus communities in the aftermath of a sudden and tragic loss of life, according to JED.

โ€œProtecting the emotional health and well-being of teens and young adults is critically important as they form the foundation they need for success as they age,โ€ said Jeff Boutelle, CEO of Pharmavite. โ€œThe JED Foundationโ€™s mission-driven work to provide resources to districts, high schools, and colleges and universities is crucial to helping students live lives filled with vitality. Iโ€™m proud that Pharmavite is helping accelerate JEDโ€™s programs and services to reach even more students across the country.โ€

The grant will allow JEDโ€™s services to be expanded to more than 1,200 schools, districts and campuses, comprising around 6.5 million students, according to JED.

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