Phytaphix launches botanical blend to manage MS symptoms

Conor Kerley, PhD, nutrition researcher and company founder, introduced his polyphenol-packed plant brand in 2020โ€‹ after delving into botanical research as a means to try to manage his symptoms of MS –ย an autoimmune condition impacting nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

The brandโ€™s most recent product Neuro Phix entered the market this month in time for World MS Day (May. 30) providing ingredients such as boswellic acid, ellagic acid, curcuminoids, ginger root, silymarin and vitamins B12 and D3ย in a capsule format.ย 

As Dr. Kerley explained, the 12 nutrients were chosen because, in human studies, they were found to contribute to various aspects of health, including reduced tiredness and fatigue and maintaining normal inflammation response, normal muscle function and normal psychological function.ย 

“Dealing with inflammation or oxidative stress are the things we know the right kind of nutrition can have a major impact on,” he said.

“Boswellic acid is a specific compound found in Indian frankincense, and is therefore not commonly consumed worldwide, except through certain nutritional supplements,” Dr. Kerley noted. “However, research indicates that boswellic acid may help decrease inflammationโ€‹ and potentially improve cognitive health.”

The blend also includes: ellagic acid, a compound found in pomegranate with antioxidant properties that has been shown to reduce inflammation, pain, depression and fatigueโ€‹;ย curcuminoids known to support immune function throughย โ€‹the management of oxidative and inflammatory stressโ€‹;ย piperine, an alkaloid found in black pepper, which enhances curcumin absorptionโ€‹; and silymarin, a compound found in milk thistle, included for its benefits for liver healthโ€‹, as some medications for MS canย cause side effectsโ€‹ such as drug-induced liver injury.ย 

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