Probiotics, Synbiotics can play significant role in blood sugar control: Study

Italian researchers conducted a meta-analysis which explored the effects of live microorganisms on Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. They found that probiotics and synbiotics helped to restore gut microbiome balance, improved gut barrier function and reduced inflammation. Moreover, they determined synbiotics could offer an even greater benefit to controlling blood sugar levels.

โ€œConsidering the intricate dietary challenges faced by people with diabetes, who require adequate self-care behaviors to navigate and manage their condition effectively, the potential benefits of probiotics and synbiotics become even more pertinent,โ€ the researchers wrote. โ€œAdditionally, the study underscores the need for further tailored research that considers variables such as strain types and geographical factors to deepen the understanding of the role of these interventions in diabetes care.โ€

A pivotal role in healthโ€‹

According to research in Scientific Reportsโ€‹, 465 million adults have either Type1 or Type 2 diabetes, and this number is expected to grow to 700 million by 2045. This problem is exacerbated by the challenges of achieving stable blood glucose levels in this population.

โ€œWhile contemporary management approaches have achieved notable progress in glycemic control, in some cases, they still fail to ensure optimal patient outcomes,โ€ the researchers noted. โ€œConsequently, a substantial segment of the diabetic population still grapples with suboptimal glycemic control.โ€

However, in Type 1 diabetic people, the bodyโ€™s immune system targets insulin-producing beta cells, which leads to insulin deficiency. Here, the gut microbiome experiences changes showing a possible link between microbiota alterations and an autoimmune response that impacts the severity of that diabetes.

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