Research with vision: BrudyLab wins Research Project of the Year

The study partly funded by the supplement maker, found a combination of oral treatment with DHA and citicoline significantly improved visual capacity and rate of progression in patients with glaucoma after three months of treatment.ย 

NI Award Judges praised the research for highlighting an area of health that hadnโ€™t been widely investigated. They also noted the robust methodology featuring a randomised control trial with a strong sample, as well as the impressive outcome.

โ€œWe are so happy to receive this honor,โ€ said BrudyLabโ€™s medical director Leia Garrotte, following the awards ceremony in Geneva last Wednesday (May 15).

โ€œIt was our first time at this contest and the organization was absolutely amazing. Our team is thrilled with the opportunity to share this award and the good results of the study.โ€

Antioxidant properties

Glaucoma is a progressive optic neuropathy that affects 57.5 million people around the worldโ€‹. Itโ€™s the second-leading cause of blindness after cataractsโ€‹. This blindness is usually irreversible.

The studyโ€™s authors noted that many patients with glaucoma are recommended to take nutraceuticals containing vitamins, citicoline or ginkgo biloba, among others, in clinical practice.

Citicoline is an indispensable intermediary in the synthesis of cell membrane phospholipids and a potential neuroprotectant or neuromodulatorโ€‹. In some countries itโ€™s used to facilitate recovery from stroke lesions or to treat neurodegenerative diseases. Meanwhile, DHA is an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid with widely-demonstrated antioxidant propertiesโ€‹.

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